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Sightseeing flights


Our company offers you the opportunity to see the Czech Republic from an unusual bird’s eye view.

The choice of location is entirely up to the client or we can plan a sightseeing flight at your request.

You can also make a gift for your loved ones of a scenic flight in the form of a voucher, which our company also offers, or make a strong impression on your partner.

Sightseeing flight around Karlštejn

Here is an example of a desired sightseeing flight.

Our flight begins at the airport in Příbram in central Bohemia. After taking off, we climb to the necessary altitude and head northeast towards the city of Dobříš. Here we have the opportunity to admire the local castle, which is enclosed by a beautiful English park. Our journey continues north from Dobříš, where we can admire the densely forested countryside from the plane. Soon beneath us the amazing view of the medieval castle of Karlštejn appears, which is located about 30 km southwest of Prague. Of course we will circle the castle several times so the client can get a really good look at everything. We then take the same flight path back to the airport in Příbram.

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