Advanced training

We allow holders of valid PPL (A) qualifications to hone their pilot skills on a selected type of aircraft in the Czech Republic and abroad under both normal and less standard situations.

As an example: improving navigating experience or training for the loss of orientation or in the event of quickly deteriorating weather, etc.

Initial requirements

  • PPL (A) certificate
  • Valid SEP / MEP qualifications
  • Valid medical fitness class I or II

Training conditions

  • Valid contract to lease the aircraft from the operator
  • Valid insurance policy (liability insurance for damage caused to an aircraft not owned by the insured, rather it was loaned to the insured or was being used by him for other legal reasons)
  • Requalification on a selected type of aircraft (in case of interest, the retraining can be done at our company)

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us.

+420 73 27 111 73